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Our Goals and Platforms

Strengthening our
Rice Sector

- We advocate to push down the cost of production on farm input of our local rice farmers from fertilizers, pesticides to a higher quality of seeds based on climate be it an inbred or hybrid all the way to mechanisation of pre and post harvest facilities.

Ensuring Food Sustainability and Security

- We will move for the implementation of supply and demand status reports per region in order to monitor the actual status of the rice industry sector. These reports will be transparent and up to date on the harvest forecasts, quantity of imported rice as well as the tariffs paid by importers.
- This will also monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of RCEP to our local farmers

Promoting the Spirit of “Bantayan”

- Our aim is to safeguard the rice industry from importers and local traders who will exploit the industry's supply and value chain

Encourage the youth sector to “balik tanim program”

- By ensuring higher production outputs from our farmers, we can start encouraging our youth to go back and be an instrument on our nations rice sustainability by providing additional benefits, government support, programs, assistance and incentives that will help them in yielding higher profit on every harvest

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